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As our new letterhead indicates, we Tetragon Chemie Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as Vetcare, has become a company of Provimi, a worldwide leader in Animal Nutrition. Since, we have now become an integral part of Provimi, with its global strategy 'One Provimi', the Group itself is getting ready for the future. Therefore, Tetragon Chemie Pvt. Ltd. has changed its name into M/s. Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd., and we are proud to present our new corporate identity to you.

With this name change you will be able to benefit directly from the advantages a large multinational has to offer to its customers locally, such as access to our worldwide in-house research facilities. The Group's values, like “constant  evolution”, “responsible nutrition” and “high performance”, will be leveraged throughout Provimi. As an esteemed customer you can expect to benefit from these.

The new brand is represented by a new logo, which resembles an emerald, a metaphor which stands for something that is hard to find and only becomes precious after skilled hands shape it. The gem with its variations of green colours is also a clear link with organic elements, showing the company's understanding and involvement with nature. The look and feel of the new logo is innovative, involved and reliable, thus providing Provimi with an identity that fits its leading position in the market.

We are convinced that this new visual identity supports the image of Provimi very well. You will still be able to rely on the excellent service and high quality products you were used to. We look forward to continue doing business with you in the future. For any further information, you can contact me.

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