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Provimi's Innovation Centre is located at Bangalore, India and has been in the service of the Farmers of Livestock and Pet Industry for over two decades in India.  Since then, the division has acquired many facilities and faculty, responding to the market demand then and now, serving as the Source of Information on Vetcare's range of products for issues regarding Quality and Performance, both In-vitro and In-vivo.  Now, Provimi Innovation Centre is slowly extending its facilitiy to the needy farmers, researchers and customers abroad also.
Research is on, on various bulk drugs, feed supplements and therapeutics for Poultry, Livestok and pets, in the areas such as Mycotoxins, Enzymes, Probiotics, Herbals, Broad spectrum Antibiotics, Chemotherapeutic growth promoters and nutraceuticals.

The Success of our product's efficacy is strongly supported by our excellent R & D facilities, approved by the Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.  Qualified personnel coupled with sophisticated equipment and lateral thinking provides solution for improving Animal Health and their production. 

Our design, development and manufacture of Feed Additives, Chelates, Premixtures, Supplements for Animal Agriculture has been covered under the scope of  ISO 22000:2005, equivalent to HACCP by DNV.

Further, our quality system has been awarded FAMI-QS certificate as per FAMI-QS code of practice for Feed Additives and Premixture operators (May 2006 Version 3), as approved by European Union.  The scope of this certificate includes design, development and manufacture of products under the category of Nutritional additives, Zootechnical Additives and Premixtures for Animal Agriculture.
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