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Provides nutritional, technical and management support, to offer customized feed solutions.

Provimi Nutrition - Poultry 
  • Customized Premixes
  • Complete Premixes
  • Protein Concentrates
  • Standard Premixes
Provimi Nutrition - Poultry has introduced 2 new products in its product range i.e.
  • Provimix - Enhance your performance through the Complete Premix Range

  • Provimax- For Improved Laying Persistency & Egg Shell Quality

Provimi Nutrition - Dairy
  • Customized Management Solutions
  • * Calf Rearing Concept        * Cow Fertility Concept         * Cow Health Concept          * Dry Cow

  • Customized Premixes
  • Standard Premixes
 Provimi Nutrition - Dairy has introduced few new products in its product range i.e.

  • Provisacc Forte - Better Rumen Efficiency - Improved Performance

  • Nutrijoule Plus - An International Quality Bypass Fat

DISCLAIMER : The product composition may be country specific which is adapted to local regulatory compliance both in the country of origin and country of import

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