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Animal Health

Vetcare, the 'Innovators in Veterinary Care' is the dedicated Animal Health division of Provimi India, which manufactures and caters quality feed additives, therapeutics and speciality range to Poultry, Dairy, Pet, Laboratory Animals and Equine species.


The business unit offers product range to improve feeding, breeding and disease management of breeders, broilers and layers.

Leading brands are :
  • UTPP Biotech
  • UTPP 450
  • Nutrizyme Spl - Lay
  • Provizyme Bro
  • G-Promin
  • G-Pro naturo
  • E- Care Se
  • Electrocare Plus
  • Colidox
  • Acify

The business unit offers product range to improve feeding, breeding and disease management of small and large animals.

Leading brands are :
  • Bestmin Gold
  • Nutrisacc Power Pack
  • Nutrisacc Bolus
  • Vetmate
  • Duraprogen
  • Provical Forte
  • Provisacc
  • Vetaceph
  • All Clear Bolus

Leading brands being catered for both domestic and international markets are :
  • 3 - Care
  • 3-Care Plus
  • UTPP Biotech
  • G-Pro naturo
  • G-Probiotic Spl
  • Helmigard
  • Vetaceph injection
  • All Clear Bolus


The business unit committed to "Your Pet. Our Care." manufactures and caters to pet therapeutic range of products for companion animals.

Leading brands are :
  • Notix range
  • Praziplus
  • Seledruff
  • Petben
  • ProviCal.Pet
  • Ridd
  • Proviboost
  • Nutricoat & Advance
  • Pet joint
Extruded Feeds

The business unit dedicated for the well-being of canine laboratory animals and equine species.


Caters extruded feeds to infants, puppies, adult dogs and working dogs with brand prefix - Nutripet.
  • Nutripet Infant
  • Nutripet Junior
  • Nutripet Adult
  • Nutripet Supra
  • Nutribix

Caters exclusively to laboratory animals

Leading brands are :
  • Nutrilab Rodent
  • Nutrilab Rodent IR
  • Nutrilab Rabbit


Caters supplements to stud and racing horses

Leading brands are :
  • Equilibrium Racing
  • Equilibrium Stud
  • Equiblud Spl I
  • Provisacc - H

DISCLAIMER : The product composition may be country specific which is adapted to local regulatory compliance both in the country of origin and country of import

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